What gear do I use?

Dear friend,

I own a Fuji XT-1 with a 35mm/F2 and a 18-135mm lens. As I prefer to travel as light as possible, I usually only have the 18-135mm zoom lens on my camera while I’m on the road. For street photography I prefer my 35mm prime glass. I’m very happy with both quality and handling of the Fuji. Even with high ISO setting the quality exeedes all my expectations. 

For my analog passion I got myself a Minolta XG 9 with a 50mm prime lens. Most of the time I use “Kodak T-Max 400” with the Minolta. The XG9 does what I expect from an analog camera. I can shoot in P-mode so I got my exposure straight without loosing too much time metering.  And on top there are good, cheap XG-9s available out there. The pictures have the analog touch I like so much and the 50mm prime lens is realy great. So when ever I long for a bit slowing down I take my Minolta for a walk.