Off the the streets of Coburg

Dear friend,

I went for a walk the other day and found some views and insights I’d like to share with you.

First I have to tell you that I used my 35mm prime glass during the whole trip as part of a creativity lesson I practice every now and then. The idea is that you are forced to use your feet to find the right view or another angle or… Play be creative 😎

The morning was overcast so the light situation was changing constantly. The first picture is what I kept from found about 20 pictures I made from this view. This is another lesson I learned from studying the MASTERS, shoot it untill you get bored of your motive. Back home you take a look at your contact sheet (only thumbnail size on your computer screen). Now you erase all the pictures that don’t attract you. But why should I kill all my beautiful photos? Because they aren’t all good… But composition always works, so if you really got a good one your eye will be attracted to the picture also in thumbnail size. Color, contrast and light can easily be fixed in postprocessing. Even better you can keep the adjustments to a minimum.

But back to my picture. Take a mental step back and try to see only the colors. I see the stripes and a triangle. On the other hand there is this little bright spot of sunlight coming on the right side.

To get this light situation even better, more dramatic I changed it also to Black and White during postprocessing. I do love Black and White so I usually give it a try.

The following one is more or less the view to the other side. Look what Black and White does to the clouds and the light on the ground.

On my way I also took some pictures of ants and the highway they have cut through the moss on the tree they use as their nest. Quite amazing the efficiency they show. Maybe I’ll try these in b&w too.

The last one for today is the hornet in a knothole. Here I like the contrast between the yellow insect and the monochrome of the surrounding wood.

Always be creative.