My portfolio

Dear friend,

What should I tell you. In my blog section you’ll find pictures I think are worth sharing, but still not every single one is my “top of the list” but helps to tell the story of the post.

As this is not a pure picture page, I think it is worth the effort and time to sort through my pictures and share with you the ones that are “top of my list”. During my work shop with Eric Kim I learned that even the master of street photography thinks a good rate is about one good picture per MONTH and about one really great one per YEAR. So don’t expect huge piles here….

You’ll find a gallery of the top 10 pictures I do favour the most of all the pictures I made.

I’m not sure how to organize it yet so come back from time to time and see what changed, which pictures or sections I added. For the time being I think of a section per genre like portrairt, landscape, nature….