GDPR forces me to cancel / erase all comments and followers

Dear friend,

I’m terribly sorry, but for the time being I erase all give comments and I also erased all users (data). As I’m no lawyer I see no other possibility.

As it looks at the moment I would have to get permission from every single person, which this person can revoke later.

Also the picture I’ll show will be reduced to city and nature.

I hate to do this but the Germans are famous to follow the rules and it is common practice to hit whom ever they can lay their hands on, even a small private blogger.

So sorry…

Update June 25th:

As I’m still not sure whether I can do Street Photography or not on a blogg located in Germany. Even the lawyers are still struggling…

As I still want to share my work, progress and insights I decided to focus on landscape and nature for the time being.