Streets of Shanghai

Dear friend,

I’m on a business trip in China at the moment. This week Shanghai, Monday I’ll be off to Changchun.

As the weekend is to my own disposal, I took the opportunity to roam the French quarter (yes there is one in Shanghai too) with the Taikang Lu and the Fuxin Park.

I usually start my day in the Fuxin Park, yes it’s not my first time in town. As the Chinese flats are tiny they go out to practice and perform what ever hobby, leisure activity they favor. There is dance (mostly European standards), Thai chi, sword play, choir, juggling and even saxophone practice going on. The big, new trend seems to be badminton. Everybody is trying to have a good time.

The Taikang Lu is quite famous for it’s small streets and shops, art, food, souvenirs.

The French quarter originates back to the early 1900 when the European merchants had a huge influence and the money to arrange with the officials an area where they build European style.

Soooooo enough text, this is a photography page. Any way here is a first, fast selection of the pictures I made today…