Analog galleries

Dear friend,

Yes I also have a passion for old school, analog work. Usually my wife disagrees and asks me why all the fuss? You have a big digital camera, which gives way better pictures anyway (sharp to the point, fast and you see what you get right away). The answer is easy, it slows you down. Using film prevents you from shooting away 200 pictures and then sort the best skip the rest without a single thought.

I learned that film makes you think:

  • Is this a motive worth making a picture of?
  • Is this the right angle?
  • Is this right display window?
  • Am I close enough?
  • What about the lighting?

On top you have to wait for the developement. Pay for it. In average I wait roughly 2 weeks for the results. Some day I’d love to get my own darkroom, at least for the black and white films.

So here you’ll find the pictures I took with my analog gear. I was experimenting with Lomography gear. So hit me hard if you disagree, but I wasn’t happy with the results. I made up my mind and changed back to decent gear, which is available for even less money.

At the moment I own a Rollei 35LDE and a Minolta XG9 with a 50mm glas. Both in good working condition. The only flaw with the Rollei is, it needs a type of battery that is no longer available, so I use it in pure mechanical mode and use an app for the metering. The Minolta works great I use it in P-mode which works excellent, still manual focus is a challange. But that’s what I also favour, slow down and think before you shoot!

At the momernt I’m planning to put together galleries related to the gear I used and the place I took the pictures. So if you like analog work as I do feel free to come back and have a look at my progress.