GDPR forces me to cancel / erase all comments and followers

Dear friend,

I’m terribly sorry, but for the time being I erase all give comments and I also erased all users (data). As I’m no lawyer I see no other possibility.

As it looks at the moment I would have to get permission from every single person, which this person can revoke later.

Also the picture I’ll show will be reduced to city and nature.

I hate to do this but the Germans are famous to follow the rules and it is common practice to hit whom ever they can lay their hands on, even a small private blogger.

So sorry…

Update June 25th:

As I’m still not sure whether I can do Street Photography or not on a blogg located in Germany. Even the lawyers are still struggling…

As I still want to share my work, progress and insights I decided to focus on landscape and nature for the time being.


Streets of Berlin

Dear friend,

On my last trip I was visiting Berlin. Though it was late when I arrived I took a walk to take some pictures. 

The first one I’d like to share with you I took at Bertolt-Brecht-Platz. I saw this threesome and had to take a picture. Bench with a guy, a couple on the grass and another guy on a bench like a string of pearls.

The next series I took at Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. I quite like the location. There is always an opportunity for interesting pictures. Walking  back and forth through the narrow aisles I heard a school class approaching and took a series of the students roaming the area. because I intended to capture them as they crossed the aisle I was waiting with my camera at the ready and took my chance, it took my some trials to get the timing right. 

The next ones I made at the Sony center near Potsdamer-Platz.

One of the entrances was blazing with the light of the setting sun. So I made up my mind to do a series of silhouettes against the light in black and white, the post processing I did with the NIK-collection in Photoshop.

I took my time and waited for interesting situations. Some times if you spot an interesting location you have to be patient and wait for the right situation (light / people) coming to you instead of running through the streets looking for interesting scenes. Usually it helps if you blend in by wearing neutral cloth (jeans, dark colors no bright colored shirts or jacket), standing somewhere in a corner waiting for the right moment.


I think I was lucky spotting the manager deep in conversation. Fascinated by the contrast of the grey suit and the rainbow of shoes the bill-board was showing . He was blind to his surroundings so I approached and made some pictures without asking and him even noticing.

The last one for today I took in the atrium of the Sony center. The pattern of the roof showing in the windows is really awesome, the first time I was aware of this effect. Maybe I was just at the right location at the right time.