Out of the comfort zone… Conquer your fears

Dear friend,

I had the opportunity to attend a work shop conducted by Eric Kim. I follow his work for quite some time now and I’m always inspired and surprised by his pictures, articles and his attitude to photography and life.

November came and I was one of a dozen photo-addicted guys meeting in Berlin to get pushed out of their comfort zone… yes, for me it was way out.

We had two days of fun, learned about composition, gear, and that you do not instantly die, if you ask a stranger ‘may I make a photo of you?’ It was so worth the effort, time and sure the money. Eric shares most of his work for free so from my point of view it is more than fair to pay for his work shops.

So get inspired by the top picture of my new peers and me. 

Berlin 2017 Workshop Best Student Photos

Here you’ll find the pictures I selected out of my results:

Here are my peers and Eric in action


Streets of the world

Dear friend,

I love to travel, see new places, meet new people, learn about different cultures… 

I’d like to share this passion with you. I’m not sticking to one topic or style of photography, I see myself as a visual artist who is painting with light.

I MAKE photos, so where other people just see weed, I see an awesome opportunity making a picture.

Where I see a tunnel to the dream road others look at me and ask what are you taking a photo of…?

So follow me on my trips around the world and see the way I see the world.